Welcome to the official website for the I-49 Inner City Connector Project. We will be updating this website regularly to correspond with progress in the project schedule. Please check back periodically for updated information, maps, and event information.

We have entered the planning and environmental stage (Stage 1) of this project. Please check the Update Section below for current project information and new meeting dates.

The Project: The I-49 Inner City Connector Project is part of the I-49 Corridor which runs from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. The I-49 Inner City Connector will be a new interstate facility approximately 3.6 miles in length. It is proposed to intersect Shreveport in order to connect I-49 at the I-20 interchange with I-49 North in the vicinity of the I-220 interchange.

Current Status of Stage 1

Traffic Data Collection, Alternative Developement, and Alternative Screening.

Click here to see an overview of the Stage 1 process.


NEWSLETTER ADDED - Click here for the November 2013 issue of the project newsletter.

FIFTH BUILD ALTERNATIVE ADDED - The project is back on track and a fifth build alternative has been added which will follow the Inner Loop Expressway (LA 3132) from its interchange with I-49 to the future I-49 North/I-220 Interchange. This approximate 12-mile alternative was previously the No-Build Alternative and the route suggested by attendees at the previous rounds of Community Input Meetings. This alternative and the surrounding area is the NEPA-derived alternative and NEPA-derived study area. A third round of Community Input Meetings has been added and will incorporate all affected communities. These meetings will be held once the appropriate studies have been conducted on the fifth build alternative. You may click on this link to view the Revised Project Map (2 MB) including the NEPA-derived study area. Click here for the original Project Map (16 MB) that was presented at the Stage 1 (Round 2) Community Input Meetings. This map shows the location of the No-Build Alternative, which is the fifth build alternative, in relation to the other four build alternatives. The Build Alternatives Map (12 MB) shows a close up of the original four proposed build alternatives from the existing I-49/I-20 interchange to Cross Bayou. For quicker download time a letter-sized map is available of the four build alternatives from I-20 to Cross Bayou.